A smart way to deploy your financial expertise.

Offering inside knowledge to help understand and educate people on how your products or services can be used effectively and efficiently.

File Vaults to store confidential information

  • Reduces the backend support needed for employees
  • Drag and Drop with Bank-level encryption
  • Create Folders for specific Documents, zip for fast export

Manage client expectations

  • Provide knowledge clients need to succeed
  • Improve client retention by engaging digitally
  • Monitor and check client progress

Goal Plans and Tasks

  • Setup and establish Goal Plans that convert into Daily Tasks
  • Collaborate with clients to keep them on track

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Smart Money Cloud Synergy


Knowledge based software designed specifically to assist in creating plans, goals and tasks. 24/7 secure access with PC, Tablet and Phone, communicating between you and your clients.


Cloud based interactive system allowing you to offer your own Brand to engage with your clients. Powerful Goal-Based Planning System for your clients to interact with regularly through a daily to-do-list.


Experience educators and strategic thinkers in all areas of finance & credit, we connect you to their programs to present your clients a library of On-Demand videos and course at their fingertips.

Smart Money Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Smart Money?

Anyone can Advise and Teach as long as your class and subject adheres to our Guidelines.

What can I Teach or Advise about?

WorkShops and Classes in Smart Money are mainly designed for Consumer Knowledge in Wealth, Finances, Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Credit, Debt, Savings, Retirement, Bankruptcy, Loan Modifications, Student Loans, Home Buying, Estate Planning and others within these fields; not selling a product but offering inside knowledge to help understand and educate people.

Do you offer any resources for Advisers and Teachers?

Yes! We offer many resources from one-on-one support to team support and Live Seminars with guest speakers to help you expand your knowledge scope to offer more services and knowledge for your clients.

What is the WorkShop you keep referring too?

A WorkShop is an Online (work book) interactive tool. Ranging from Videos, Text to Questions and Answers your clients can answer allowing you to follow your subject’s progress of learning.

I see you have referred to a Goal Plan and Task within the system what are these?

The system is design to allow you to build a Goal Plan for your client to achieve their hopes and dream. Starting off with Daily To-Do-List, to Milestones they must complete to Suggestions on how to achieve their goal of having you educate them.

Do you offer a class to teach how to use and create the Goal Plans and Task?

Yes, just as you offer them to your client we offer the same to you to teach you how the system works and how to most effectively use it.

Why Advise or Teach using Smart Money

Earn Money

Using Smart Money provides a passive income stream, and has an enormous jump on any other platform for Advisers and Teachers.

Launch your Career

Enables you to have a big presence with a very small investment offering what you already know; while working for yourself.

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