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Communicate Securely and Instantly

Internal chat messaging system. When you have a new message from your clients a red icon with the number of messages pending will appear on the Messages Tab. You can Read and Reply as well as create a new message to your Clients. This is an internal system designed for security and confidentiality.

In many case you many have the need to make suggestions to a client that may not be a part of a Plan or you just may want to offer additional information. The suggestions Feature are a tool that allows you to post your suggestion to your client and even give them a priority statue of the suggestion. In addition you may want to get a responds from your client that they have acknowledge the suggestion requiring them to Accept so that you receive a notification that the client received and understood.

Built-in Task management

To-Do-List for Web, iPhone, iPad, Android all from within the Smart Money Cloud system. Start and manage multiple Tasks from within the Goal Plans you create for your clients. As Tasks within the Goal Plans are created they are queued into the daily To-Do-List. Keeping your clients on target with Start, Pause, Stop and Completed tabs for deadlines and target completions you have created for them as well as track their progress to success.

Responsive Tasks

Collaborate with your client organizing and building the activities required to achieve a desired goal to succeed. Create and maintenance of a plan into Tasks that generate into daily To-Do-List. The on-line system keep clients on track as well as keeping you notified of their progress and success.

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