Tips for Getting Started with Your First Client

  • Get to know your Client First

  • Find out what are your Clients Expectations

  • Gather Documentation needed to Create a Plan

How to Create Great Content

From Goal Plans to File Vault you will learn the aspect of engaging with your client obtaining all of the resources you will need to create a plan of action for your client.

Depending on your Package you are offering we will load the training courses to match your needs.

Providing On-Demand Content

Live Event - You have 300 in your system, present to them all at one time; reach out to those people with live streaming events every week!

Live Workshops - Make it exciting for your Clients to learn new things; everyone will learn at least one thing during these live events.

Live Chat - "One-on- One" make the Consumer feal special even if they are in Alaska and you are in Ohio.

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