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Asessment of credit, savings, debt, income, cash, wealth and insurance; Defining modules needed for long and short term.

Personnel Credit

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Analyzing existing credit, building a plan to improve, disputing credit report, comparing results of dispute, building and restoring credit.

Debt Settlement

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Crafting a negotiation with debt collectors starting at 25% of original amount owed, building a plan to save for settlement, details assistance in settling.

Emergency Saving

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48% of people cannot handle an unexpected expense of $400; a Goal Plan designed to resolve without changing your income.


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Education on requirements, PITI, MI, DTI, rates and closing.


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Review of company contribution, existing funds to new plans.


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(stocks, funds, bonds, annuities)


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Analyzing current financial status and projected future needs.

Education Plan

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Strategy tailored to the client’s individual financial situation. By analyzing various investment options, including Section 529 plans.


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The pros and cons of chapters 7 and 13; which ones you can apply for, the requirements of each and what it takes to complete.


Videos and WorkShops available


Income Taxes; Estate Taxes

Estate Planning

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Federal, State, and Inheritance taxes based on degree of relationship of beneficiaries, provides detail of each estate tax liability and its distribution.

Student Loans

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Tackling student loans structuring a budget around payments to save money can move them one step closer to their goal.

Loan Modification

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Quantifying the Modification; provided by government or servicer building a solution through credit restructuring to refinance.

Home Buying

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Over the years Mortgages have changed dramatically from the crisis to over regulations. Going it on your own is a thing of the past.

Zombie Title

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Endured a Short Sale, Loan Modification, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy the problem is that the nefarious Banks have left you a mess.

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