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Our customizable apps allow you to build your brand fast and easy connecting you and your clients.

Ozzie Shepard sample name

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Phone, Tablet & Desktop Responsive

Add to HomeScreen appears when Client opens from mobile devise requesting the Client to add Advisers ICON to the Mobile devises HomeScreen. Client then have quick shortcut to Advisers portal. Included in App is; Text Me, Call Me, Email Me quick connect.

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Site App SetUp

Establish your professional profile to connect with clients

Remember this is about INFO; clients want to know about YOU your KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS you apply. By outlining your Career, History and Education you are illustrating your qualifications needed to help them succeed.

App SetUp Details

  • We need your info to create your Site

  • The form follows the image numbers allowing you to draft your own info to match the Site

  • Review the Numbers and enter your own words and information in matching number on the form

  • As you can tell there are limits to the number of characters you can have to maintain the composition of the Site

  • This allows you’re Site to open responsively in all devises from mobile to web

  • Equip your site with informational context about your specialties and services that you provide

  • The My Account & More Info link to your App within the system under the Company Account you are associated with

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